Headlines these days shriek of global catastrophe, biodiversity loss, and climate disasters.  Each toothbrush, plastic bag, and synthetic clothing item contributes to the increasing load on our planet.  Yet, even if the news cycle paints a gloomy picture, we all subconsciously want to renew our homes.  The good news?  Small, mindful choices are the first steps towards change.

Quite literally, our lives are knit together in an intricate pattern just like a fabric.  Cotton is fundamental in our daily lives, appearing in everything from the clothes that we wear to our linens.  But have you ever taken a moment to consider the kind of cotton that goes into your daily necessities and how they are made?

We see a lot of buzzwords being used these days, yet two labels that provide true transparency are Global Organic Textile Standard (“GOTS”) and Fairtrade.

Regular cotton is often called the "world's dirtiest crop," and yet the reasons are not well known.  Enormous amounts of hazardous chemicals and fertilizers, and frequent use of genetically modified seeds make its cultivation detrimental to human health and the environment.  Chemicals that are employed in the manufacturing process have the potential to cause health hazards, aggravate skin conditions, and trigger allergies.

On the other hand, organic cotton provides a solution to these problems.  Here's how:

  • Biodegradable in nature: Organic cotton is a natural, biodegradable crop and breaks down naturally without leaving any detrimental residue. This is in contrast to synthetic fibers that rot in landfills for eternity.  You may rest easy knowing that our planet doesn’t pay the price for your comfort.
  • Water hero: Organic cotton is a drought-defying hero because it requires a lot less water than conventional cotton. Forget about thirsty crops!
  • Comfort without chemicals: There are no harsh fertilizers or pesticides on your body or in your linens. Sleeping on organic cotton puts the health of the environment and yourself first.
  • Biodiversity defender: The production of organic cotton, in contrast to that of other natural fibers, encourages biodiversity, resulting in a healthier eco-system and the support of a greater variety of life.
  • Double the Goodness: Percale sheets are made with a type of weave that creates a smooth, crisp, and breathable fabric that is perfect for hot sleepers and in the summer months. When woven with the purity of organic cotton, it creates a sleep haven that promotes airflow and minimizes irritation.

Fairtrade is more than just a label; it empowers farmers and labourers in the hope of a better future.  Choosing Fairtrade sheets allows you to make a statement about ethical trading practices and your support for a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Goods with the Fairtrade mark indicate that manufacturers and companies have complied with strict, third-party-verified guidelines that ensure safe working conditions, environmental protection, and fair prices and pay.

Why do organic cotton and Fairtrade sheets cost more?

Organic cotton and Fairtrade products do typically cost more than conventional cotton products.  Here’s why:

  • The price of certification: Farmers must get certification from recognized organizations like GOTS for their practices and cotton to be formally acknowledged as organic. This procedure entails thorough inspections and adherence to stringent guidelines.
  • Labour: Organic farming is labour intensive. The use of cover crops, hand weeding, crop rotation, and natural pest control all involve more time and labour than conventional methods, which raises production costs.
  • Reduced yields: Because organic cotton does not utilize genetically modified seeds, its yields are often lower than those of conventional cotton.
  • Fairtrade: You can be sure that products that have the Fairtrade mark are produced in good working conditions, with fair pay and opportunities for those who make your products.

Purchasing organic cotton sheets is an investment.  However, you can rest assured that they are made with the highest quality, certified materials and will produce a superior product that is made-to-last.  When weighed against the possible health, environmental and social impacts of conventional cotton, they are well worth it!   

Choose organic and Fairtrade cotton sheets

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February 11, 2024