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What is a Flat Sheet and Why You May (or May Not!) Want One

A flat sheet is often the most debated item when it comes to bedding. Read on to learn more about what it is and what you should consider when picking out the perfect sheets for your bedroom.

What is a Flat Sheet?

A flat sheet (also known as a ‘top sheet’) is an additional layer of fabric that rests between you and your duvet or comforter. It is typically tucked under your mattress but may not stay in place securely as it is not elasticized like your fitted sheet. ...

Why You Need a Flat Sheet

• For added comfort: A flat bed sheet provides an additional layer of comfort on your bed and prevents your duvet or comforter from getting dirty
• To regulate temperature: Flat sheets help regulate temperature and feel soft and smooth on your skin. They are often used instead of a duvet or comforter in warmer weather
• For decorative purposes: Flat sheets can help you easily add a touch of colour to your bedding. We offer our flat sheets separately so you can mix and match its colour with that of your fitted sheets, pillowcases, and duvet sets.
• Instead of your bottom sheet: A fitted sheet (also known as a ‘bottom sheet’) is the layer that typically goes directly onto your mattress. It has an elasticized edging so it can wrap around your mattress snuggly and look neat. You could also use your top sheet as a bottom sheet (that is, in place of your fitted sheet) – you would simply tuck in the extra fabric underneath your mattress!

Why You May Not Want One

There are some people who find a flat sheet unnecessary and prefer to skip that one extra item to wash on laundry day. It also takes just a little more time to put on your bed, specially if you like your bed looking neat!

Explore our range of flat bed sheets and choose one that's just right for you.