Meet Our Sheets


Rich, buttery-soft and incredibly cozy
Naturally wrinkle-resistant, with a subtle sheen
Perfect for: year-round comfort or simply snuggling in!


Breathable, cool and crisp
Gets even softer with every wash
Perfect for: warm sleepers and in the summer months

Our Quality

We’ve worked really hard to create the perfect bedding for you. Here are the details that make all the difference.

What Matters Our Standard Why it Matters
Fabric content Organic cotton Free of toxic chemicals, softer on your skin, hypoallergenic
Length of cotton fibers Long-staple Softer, smoother, stronger, long-lasting
Number of threads of cotton fiber that are twisted together to form a yarn Single-ply Finer and stronger fabric, luxurious feel, durable
Number of threads in one square inch of fabric 300 thread count Optimal for luxury bedding